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The AIUM annually honors individuals who have significantly contributed to the growth and development of diagnostic ultrasound.

William J. Fry Memorial Lecture Award

The William J. Fry Memorial Lecture Award was established by Joseph H. Holmes, MD, in 1969, and presented for the first time at the AIUM annual meeting in Winnipeg that year. William J. Fry, MS, was a physicist with a strong interest in ultrasound in biology and medicine, whose innovative research efforts advanced the field of diagnostic ultrasound. One of Professor Fry's most notable contributions was the successful design of an ultrasonic system used to pinpoint lesions in the brain without damaging adjacent tissues. This ultrasonic system was later used to treat various brain pathologies, and in particular, Parkinson's disease. His impassioned interest in ultrasound led him to become president of the AIUM from 1966 until his death in 1968. The following year, the William J. Fry Memorial Lecture Award, recognizing a current or retired AIUM member who has significantly contributed, in his or her particular field, to the scientific progress of medical diagnostic ultrasound, was established in his honor.

2022 Alfred Z. Abuhamad, MD, FAIUM
1996 Christopher R. B. Merritt, MD, FACR, FAIUM
2021 Bryann Bromley, MD, FAIUM
1995 John C. Hobbins, MD, FAIUM
2019 James A. Zagzebski, PhD, FAIUM
1994 Hans Holm, MD, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
2018 Roberto J. Romero, MD
1993 Marvin C. Ziskin, MD, FAIUM
2017 Stephanie R. Wilson, MD
1992 Peter N.T. Wells, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
2016 Dirk Timmerman, MD, PhD, FRCOG, FAIUM (hon)
1991 D. Eugene Strandness, Jr., MD
2015 Wesley Lee, MD, FAIUM
1990 Wesley L. Nyborg, PhD, FAIUM
2014 Levon N. Nazarian, MD, FAIUM, FACR, FSRU
1988 Barry Benson Goldberg, MD, FAIUM
2013 Paul L. Carson, PhD, FAIUM
1987 George R. Leopold, MD, FAIUM
2012 Joshua A. Copel, MD, FAIUM
1986 Frederic L. Lizzi, EngScD
2011 Jacques S. Abramowicz, MD, FACOG, FAIUM
1986 D. Jackson Coleman, MD, FACS, FARVO
2010 David J. Sahn, MD, FAIUM
1985 William M. McKinney, MD, FAIUM
2009 Alfred Bernard Kurtz, MD, FAIUM
1984 Floyd Dunn, PhD, FAIUM
2008 Peter N. Burns, PhD
1983 Justus F. Lehmann, MD
2007 William D. O'Brien, Jr., PhD, FAIUM
1982 James R. Stouffer, PhD, MS, FAIUM
2006 Lawrence D. Platt, MD, FAIUM
1981 Gerald J. Posakony
2005 Richard A. Meyer, MD, FAIUM
1980 Claude R. Joyner, MD
2004 Peter H. Arger, MD, FAIUM, FACR
1979 Horace E. Thompson, MD, FAIUM
2003 Frederick W. Kremkau, PhD, FACR, FAIMBE, FAIUM, FASA
1978 Gilbert Baum, MD, FAIUM
2002 Charles S. Kleinman, MD
1977 George Kossoff, DScEng, FAIUM (hon)
2001 Ilan E. Timor-Tritsch, MD, FAIUM
1976 Ian Donald
2000 Beryl R. Benacerraf, MD, FAIUM
1973 Leon Cooper, PhD
1999 Arthur C. Fleischer, MD, FAIUM
1972 Buckminster Fuller
1998 James Fowler Greenleaf, PhD, FAIUM
1971 Helmuth Hertz
1997 Roy A. Filly, MD, FAIUM
1970 T. Lynch