Definition of Physician Supervision for Ultrasound Practice Accreditation Standards

1. An appropriately qualified physician must be readily available to review and interpret the ultrasound examination.

2. In the exceptional circumstance when such a physician is not immediately available at the time of the sonogram:

a. A sonographer credentialed in the relevant specialty must be immediately available to review the images;

b. A mechanism must be in place to address unexpected, questionable, or urgent findings;

c. If immediate physician review is not available, a patient call-back mechanism must be established; and

d. Image review, interpretation, and reporting must be performed in compliance with the AIUM documentation guideline.


Approved: 10/07/1997; Reapproved: 11/11/2001, 03/27/2010, 03/25/2015, 11/12/2020

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